Feeling guilty about your color? You won’t after you read about all these privileged folk.



The Virginian (Appalachia) and his kids want you to know that they feel privileged to be white, but after becoming active on social media, they do feel guilty about it.

The Kentucky kids are privileged to live equally with white people in Appalachia.

There are 25 million people in Appalachia. More than 20% are privileged to live in poverty. No matter what their color, I would bet they would be happy to give up some of their privileges.

If you are privileged enough to have a little bit of extra dough, take a look at the link below and then send some of your unwanted dollars to the Health Wagon. Just click the link and find out all about the Health Wagon. You will be privileged to know what they do, and it will be a privilege to help. Assist them now and feel privileged to know you are a damn hero. http://thehealthwagon.org/hwwp/

You have passed the link if you are reading this sentence. Here it is again it is hidden under a subliminal message that says send your money here. I guess it is not subliminal anymore so:  Send your money here.



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