Hey TV spots and more from Brian

Hey click this link for a video extravaganza fit for kids of all ages

This piece will benefit absolutely no one but me. So, look at it read it and go see lots of work. There are a bunch of pieces with me on camera  charming  America as the Honda Guy Some say I was sporting history’s worst hair-cut and that it gave confidence to Donald Trump. Going the opposite direction, after seeing my tonsorial failure,  Hilary Clinton waxed up her coif – so yes I am responsible for this year’s election extravaganza

Anyway, over the years I’ve been doing lots of broadcast: I started as an editor then, I was a fancy director now, I’m not fancy but one day I woke up and said: “Hey I should  put all this stuff up old and new and let everyone see it. So I did. So, one day like today go look at all this stuff  here. I put more up every day. I think I’ve done hundreds of pieces so this is fun to finally count. There is no order but I’m sure since you know me you would have guessed that


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