Is Ray Rice Paying for our sins



Is Ray Rice paying for our sins?


These are, we hope, the final words on Ray Rice, his wife Janay, and the NFL. We hope that this is the start of a lot words on the people who support these folks, the American public.


Ray Rice, if you didn’t know, was a very popular and skilled running back for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. Ray Rice beat up his then girlfriend, now wife, Janay in the elevator of a casino in Atlantic City. The American public was treated to a brutal video of Ray Rice dragging the unconscious Janay around the floor of the casino.


People were horrified as was the state of New Jersey. New Jersey prosecuted Mr. Rice and he was able to work out an arrangement that included no prison time, with New Jersey that satisfied both the state and his employers – the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens. The NFL suspended the football player for the first two games of the 2014 NFL season. There was outcry but not much and the United States of America went about finding things to do until the NFL returned. Everyone was happy or at least placated.


Mr. Rice lost, as far as we know, none of his sponsors. He worked out for the upcoming season and was “in the best shape of his career.”



February 21, 2014 4:09 pm ET


“Report: Video exists of Ravens RB Ray Rice knocking out fiancée

By John Breech |


Four days after Ray Rice was charged with simple assault-domestic violence against his fiancée, a security video from Revel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. emerged showing Rice dragging his unconscious fiancée from an elevator.


Apparently that’s not the only video police have though. According to’s Robert Klemko, authorities also have a video that shows Rice knocking out Janay Palmer, his fiancée. However, that video hasn’t been released to the public yet.”


Late summer and shortly before the season began another more brutal (because dragging an unconscious woman around the floor isn’t brutal enough) tape that no one had ever seen or heard of before was made available to the NFL, and its subjects – the citizens of the United States of America. Mr. Rice was then suspended indefinitely, cut from the Baltimore Ravens, and was removed from the rosters of many companies whose products he endorsed.


The good citizens of Baltimore were able to trade in their Ray Rice jerseys for others because Baltimore fans were grievously harmed and this edict by the Baltimore Ravens made them whole.  Baltimore fans were allowed to trade jerseys made by Nike and previous NFL apparel supplier Reebok only. Thousands of indignant fans showed up to show their displeasure and get free jerseys and this is where our story starts brought to you by great and good advertisers, and the NFL who live to protect the fans that need a clean NFL populated by good citizens such as themselves.


Target, Cover Girl, Proctor and Gamble, McDonalds, Campbell Soup, Nike, Under Armour, Anheuser-Busch, General Motors, Verizon, Fiat, Ford Motor and many more have an obligation and a duty to send their messages to innocent American viewers free of any controversy about their partners in the NFL.


Leading the charge against domestic violence in the NFL, during the Rice case, was the appalled American citizenry who stepped up. The NFL stepped up, The Ravens stepped up; Commissioner Goodell stepped up by punishing Rice a second time for the same offense. To show he meant business he immediately went way over the punishment threshold for abuse by players he set just weeks before.


We the Americans showed Ray Rice. We the advertisers showed Ray Rice. We the NFL showed Ray Rice. We the Ravens showed Ray Rice. We the licensers showed Ray Rice.


Now advertisers let’s look at to whom we’re advertising to and illustrate as to why they need protection and are quick to hold you accountable for the foul deeds of others that perform in the pristine NFL.


The United States whose population in 2013 was 316.1 million good citizens


We’re a passionate country:


  • The video  “Babe With Toy” was viewed by 239,000 on ***You Porn.
  • The video, “Can you Believe She’s a Mother was viewed by 999,520 on You Porn
  • The video Rhino Girls was viewed by 860,658 on You Porn.
  • The video “Amateur Couch F***” was viewed by 41,160,531 on You Porn
  • The video, “19 year old Guy 23 year old Woman Amateur Homemade Sex” was viewed by 11,425,995 on You Porn
  • The video, “Amateur Brunette With A Tight A******” was viewed by 34,466,831 on You Porn
  • The video, “Brunette Tart was viewed by 34,342,000” on You Porn



We are just not as violent as we are sexy so the individual numbers aren’t quite there but they add up.


  • The video, “Gracie Street Fight” was viewed by 2,857,095 on (You Tube owned by Google).
  • The video, “Brutal Knockouts” (You Tube) was viewed by 123,309 on You Tube (owned by Google).
  • com had so many videos and so many views we couldn’t count and they can be seen by hitting a link to You Tube (owned by Google)
  • TLC pitched in by posting their “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Girl Fight.” It was viewed by 987,000 on You Tube (owned by Google) and who knows how many millions on TLC itself.
  1. We also love violent and sexy and would offer you whose views are also uncountable.


We have listed just a few of the views on You Porn and just “Fantasy Rape” from By the time we couldn’t count any more the total number of views on just these two pornography sites exceeded the population of the United States of America many times over. Please remember the total views (on these sites alone) are uncountable.


We have listed just a few of the views on You Tube (owned by Google) and links to You Tube (owned by Google) that feature “real amateur” violence (not the violence of an NFL game). On just this one site, where you the user create the content, the views exceeded the population of the United States of America many times over. Please remember the total views (on this site alone) are uncountable.


All the sites have ads, advertisers and sponsors. Some advertisers are base but many are legitimate. Every site has the ubiquitous links to social media. You can, among other things, tweet them, Facebook them, Vimeo them, My Space them, Tumblr them, blog them, Google + them, (Google owns You Tube) and share with all your friends and relatives with just a touch.


We are going through some rough times in the U.S. at the moment and maybe we shouldn’t look at our advertisers and our leagues to clean up until we do. Or, we can continue to let Ray Rice pay for our sins.


*** While researching this article we made up the name You Porn and submitted it to a browser. Fortunately or unfortunately You Porn was right there making research very easy. 



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