The Great Voice Mail Disaster and Skateboard Massacre

Fearless Skater                                                                                                                                                Death Board

brian board band aid edit 2kid's death boardDispatch from Beth: So we record our epic voice mails. 3 weeks in the making with Creative Director flogging it to death. OMG.

Genius says: “I’m going skateboarding.”

We say: “It just rained don’t you say not to skateboard when it’s wet out, and dark and didn’t you lend your board to someone?”

He said: “I don’t remember what I said, I was probably wrong, and I can borrow this kid’s board. “

We said: “This Kid’s board? This kid’s board. This kid, what kid? Where did you meet this kid?”

He said: “Yes I lent my board it’s long board it would be too wet too long board. The kid’s board is safe it’s a skateboard. I met him at 7/11 and you’re not my moms.”

We said: “No we’re not your moms.” Go, have fun with this kid and his board, maybe his mom will give you snacks.

He said: “As long as they’re not healthy.”

We said: “We’re sure they will be disgusting, fine.”

See the photos. This is how it turned out. He made us “Photoshop the photo to make him look “rakish.” We did it and rakished his nose too. ha.

He said: “The kid’s mom gave me the Band-Aid. It’s a long board band aid.”

We say: “This is our leader.” God love us all.”



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