Just a story that’s not too

berry on a a bencyIMG_0809

i was riding my bike. i decided to get off for a bit and sit. i sat on a bench. i had a conversation with the berry as i and he sat on the bench by the not too big river.

he is interesting. he is here on a fellowship in critical care medicine. he is finding that being a berry gives him a not too big advantage in getting grant money for his hospital.

i liked his bicycle. he is riding a sweet Trek Madone. i do too. we agreed we like our bicycles. very much.

we took each other’s pictures. we exchanged e-mails. we said we would keep in touch. we chatted about bicycles and music. we agreed that this year’s Tour de France was exciting. very much. we agreed that 2 Door Cinema Club, Passenger, & Noah and the Whale are very similar. very much so. we agreed that Cold Play is very much the British version of the Killers with less angst. we laughed at that one, boy. we agreed, very much, that Modest Mouse should make another album. we agreed we loved Moon & Antarctica. we agreed, who doesn’t?

i don’t have that many guy friends. i hope he emails or calls. we could bike or maybe listen to some vinyl long playing records. he is a collector of vinyl long playing records too.

i think bicycling is a very expanding sport. I had never met a berry. but, i met one while biking on a this nice, almost fall day. i saw my prejudices toward them dissipate on this nice almost fall day. but, i do think it’s too bad that i had never spoken to one before.

i don’t think this is an exciting story. i think lives both exciting and not too are made up of stories exciting and not too.





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