Kanye West Don’t Die Or Get Divorced

I got Duke University at Which College Should You Actually Go To fromwww.buzzfeed.com This is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me, Carol Frank Wynne, I went to Maryland, NYU for graduate school and University of Baltimore for law school. I went to these schools to study and apply my skills to help in the complete annihilation of Duke University.

My entire family in law went to Duke and I’ve actually had to sit in the same room with them during March madness. OMG, and now I walk among them. This is so hideous that there needs to be a word worse than hideous to describe it.

Buzz Feed is the work of the Devil and Duke. OMG, the Blue Devils. God save us all when we are chosen by your most hated rival to walk among them. Now I know what made Kafka so miserable. I’m sue someone told him either  he belonged at Duke or let’s to to “Buffalo Wild wings with the kids.”

Next I’ll be told that I’ve had the Kardashian with least talent and biggest butt chosen to be my partner. Whatever you do, Kanye West, don’t die and if you do forget that we were ever in the same posse.


Kim Kardashian Attends 'X-Factor' Taping With Her Sisters And Boyfriend


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