Where I’ve Lived. Sold, for $3200.00 January 2011.

ImageHere’ something cool. I found the house that I first came home to after being “Borned” in St. Joseph’s hospital. I was born in Flint Michigan where my dad was then a Dentist.

Medical School in Amsterdam came a few years later when he couldn’t take being a Dentist any longer. That story lead us to Baltimore through Amsterdam and Spain. Anyway, in Flint, he belonged to the country club, played Polo, was in dinner theater with my mother and both rode horses in and around the very upscale town of Flint Michigan.

He worked for the largest Dental practice in Michigan and had stock in one of Michigan’s largest Department Stores. Hudsons. In the evenings my parent’s would stroll around downtown Flint with friends and take in shows etc in neighboring Detroit. In 2011 this house, which was once home to pastures and horses and fairly well-to-do folk was sold for $3,200.00. It’s my birth home 2402 Mallary Street Flint Michigan.


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