teeny agency. The Real Story.


We have fun at teeny agency projecting a, somewhat, self-effacing persona. Our business is fun we try not take ourselves too seriously.
We take the business of every client very seriously.
Every idea is based on sound strategy, a hard look at data, demographics, category, and competition. We find what works.
Our core business is the small to regional advertiser/marketer who needs to get the message out. Our tools of engagement are anything that we can use to further the client. We’ve asked people to paint and that was met with “What?” and followed by huge success.
We’ve made the making of a radio commercial though the actual radio commercial was never made. “What? “ Our client wanted to investigate radio and we told them the media budget wasn’t sufficient to make an impression. We decided to turn things upside down and made a very fun and very tongue in cheek look at the making of a radio commercial. It starred a nincompoop Creative Director who couldn’t hear what he wanted and had trouble articulating, a wonderful voice talent and a great engineer and teeny agency came up with a great script and execution. The media was social. It was free. It still is. We tested it and have gotten hundreds of comments sent directly to our info@teenyagency.com mailbox. Some have asked for copies and all wanted to know when the radio commercial would run. All knew/know the name of our client, making everyone happy. We did it all with an imaginary radio commercial, social media and smart thinking. We are about to release the film, widely, now that the back end e-commerce site is up and the site is optimized for mobile. We are working on a very fun UX campaign for his retail business as well.
Another client has had us do a series of films on Prostate Cancer. They have let us do the unusual and have put the patient story first. We’ve done 13 so far. They are not slick and they are not over produced. They are from the heart and they will make an impact.
Our staff applies a very high level of intellect to everything we do. We want you to know that every joke every post and everything we do at teeny agency comes after a lot of thought and a lot of strategy and a lot of data dissemination. We love the digital space but always remember to create good ideas to fill all the spaces.
Visit us at teenyagency.com


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