Where I’ve lived in no particular order and written as I just think up stuff in my own brain which also has no particular order

I will find every place I’ve ever lived. It’s my sworn duty. When I do I’m making a book and giving it to my son along with every one of these dumb paragraphs.

Read the story it’s cute.

My first house in Florida. In fact it is my first house period. And, I just remembered the address too – 3451 5th Avenue North St. Petersburg Florida, Hah! What a worthless memory I have. I had two roommates. Some of you will know them and remember the house. I’ll ask if I can reveal their secret identities.

It was not far from St. Pete Beach and Passe Grille (a wonderful beach) at 34th Street and 5th Avenue North next to the Taco Bell and across the street from a Shell Station. Also had Steak n Shake down the street as well as a real Krispy Kreme a Steak n Egg, Lil General Store, and a Howard Johnsons. It was paradise. I think it was pink/salmon then.

One night one of us (I’m sure you know it wasn’t me without me mentioning it here and taking up space) had a date that wanted to get extremely friendly. He, not wanting to be “friendly” with us in the house took her to the dump motel next door. It was very dashing. He told whoever was at the desk that he was Mark Sinatra, Frank’s nephew, and he got the room either free or reduced. He’s also the only guy I knew who smoked Winston’s. That has nothing to do with anything; I just didn’t know anyone who smoked Winston’s.

This is the Taco Bell and the motel where Mark Sinatra and girl slept or didn’t sleep.
here's the taco bell and behind the sign the dump hotel

I got there because, me being me, I was doing nothing at the time. One of my best friend’s who was living down there – a girl – had a boyfriend down there who was living with his sister her family. He didn’t want to do that anymore but needed a housemate. She told me to just move there, so I did a few days after we had the conversation. My parents didn’t know until I told them as I walked out the door for St. Pete. My dad said, “Write if you get work.” My mother said she was glad her mother was dead and didn’t have to see this. Never saw the house until I moved in one morning.It didn’t have the cool fence or a key for the door but we did have lizards and many visitors, some of whom were people, in our house.Image





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