Brian Keller. One man’s selfless act. He used his Linkedin page to maybe not promote himself. I salute him.

This is a shameless plug for not Brian. It’s a repost of a  a selfless plug for teeny agency by Creative Director Brian Keller on his own Linkedin page. There is a reason we have paid Brian a handsome subsistence living for lo this one year and some months. teeny agency investors are very happy with his selfless act and gave his son two coupons to Sport Clips. Brian got the assurance that if he ever needed a body part they would try and grow him one.

With tears in our eyes and a song in our hearts it’s Brian’s (ultimate team player) Linkedin page where he took time from, probably scrounging freelance work and did something nice. We quoted everything so he can’t sue. From Brian: “Hi,

teeny agency is the agency I was hired to build. I’m the Creative Director. teeny agency is based on the thought that smaller marketers are now able (via all the “free” media avenues) to have their messages heard by many more people than ever before. Advertising is, really, an application of intellect to a particular need. We apply the same thought to smaller marketers as we did (and still do for some clients) for the national and international accounts we have all worked on. We have a lot of fun and we get a lot of good feedback for our (only cliche) results driven communications. Some of our postings may seem silly, as does our name, but in our first year we went from zero to viable. We hope all you guys out there take a look at us in 2014 and beyond.

Yes just in case you want to know teeny agency works primarily in the digital realm and we love to work in traditional as well. We don’t label digital, traditional, this that or the other. We work on ideas and apply the ideas to the proper media. We live by: An execution is not an idea. So, in that regard we try not to label things unless we label an idea for a client as – good. Thanks.”

If this wasn’t great enough Brian then posted our “ode to v/o recording and wrote the splendid words you will see in quotes so he can’t sue us. They are below.

From selfless Brian a true teeny soldier: “This is the brilliant and tragic story of a radio commercial that was, really, never made. We just said we were recording a radio commercial. Really, we lied. We made the making of the radio commercial film to put on the Internet and the World Wide Web that all the kids so love these days because we figured it would be popular for our client. We are starting to break it now. We did was make the film knowing that the recording would have gone like this anyway. So,it’s almost true but it’s not.”


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