Way back when we was fab, in Northwest Baltimore, we used to bum a free dinner at the home of our pretty cool parents.

Some of you may know these guys or knew these guys. For those of you who do I’m really sorry. For those of you who don’t you missed something special.


Hi, way back when in Baltimore, the wackiest of the over 60 places I’ve lived, my friends and I (most from Northwest Baltimore)  used to freeload dinner at the Kellers, my parents, Crazy Melvin and Mixed up Irene and the Ezrines, Leon and Evelyn, whenever we could. This Friday night it was the Ezrines: From left Richard “home of the” Brave a very witty guy.The funniest of a funny bunch. Next to Richard is Steven “Cha Cha” Ely a guy who wanted nothing more than to be a talented Latin Baseball player who never lived up to potential because of injury. Yes, that’s true. Next to Steven is Steve “Pin” Pinson – the quiet dashing one a three sport guy and the one many girls loved. Next to Steve is David “Johnny Lee” Reicher – QB of the football team and ultra competitive. He probably hurt his left arm by making it compete with his right arm. Next to David is Stanton “Wally Wonder” Wingrat. At one time he was a little heavy. Barry Braverman named him Stan-TON. He lost weight and received a great name of Wally Wonder. A great guy. Bottom Row: A strange and troubled soul, who for some reason tried to straighten his hair that night, his name is Brian (Keller) I think.  The Braverman nickname for him is/was “Kooks.” He went into advertising and promptly earned the name “Rain Main” for an encyclopedic knowledge of  nothing. Next to Brian is Bruce Ezrine, sarcastic hippie who got into law school and immediately became a right wing extremist. He was more  insane than Steven Ely as Bruce thought he looked like, really he did and it went on for years, Paul Newman. Most of us thought he looked more like Fidel Castro as young man and later Pablo Escobar. Next Bruce is Barry Braverman “The Boss” (before Springsteen) our leader and inspiration and probably the closest to Pablo Escobar. We followed him blindly. He once got all of us into a girl’s house by explaining to her mother that he had a reputation as a “conner” and failure would hurt that. That’s true and the girl’s dad was a Senator – We’re probably the reason he never became President. Barry could not, however, get us to go into the service with him except, yes, Steven “Cha Cha” Ely. Both were excused from the war by both sides of the conflict. That along with Robert Duvall and Richard Nixon turning “Nam” on to surfing ended the war and created a fabulous surf scene and many tee shirt shop where there were none.

Happy New Year to the guys and to the folks who’ve known them and loved them there’s a lot to love.


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