teeny thinking is good for your business

We’ve been having a lot of fun at teeny agency over the past year. We’ve been working hard and letting people know. We like to make money and we do that by making our clients money by increasing their business. They pay us for that and everyone is happy. Some of us even got the new body parts they’ve been wanting. Now, we want to tell you a little bit about how we think.
Sometimes we come off silly, or overly self-effacing. Sometimes we do that because “Its not about us, it’s about our clients.” We like to provide interesting gateways to the work we do for our clients. Sometimes humor and an “attitude” helps get some attention.
teeny agency did not spend one dollar on traditional media, on behalf of our clients, in 2013 but managed to attract clients, push our clients forward, make our clients money build brands, and launch new brands, and do what is needed to successfully tell the story.
We used our heads and we used all the “free” tools that are allotted us in today’s interactive, digital, social mediaized, wonderland. We, Googled, Googled +, Tumblr’d, flickr’d, Pinterested, Vimeod, Linked-in, Facebooked, Reddited, Four Squared, Yelped, Word Pressed, You Tubed, video blogged, Twittered, Instagrammed, Vined, etc. We told a large client to paint. We told another large client to have a home page of just 3 videos. We told them to do a black and white website. They did it. It’s working. We took traditional corporate videos and turned them into emotional hand held personality portraits of our clients outside of their ordinary corporate environment. We made a radio commercial in “teeny vision”. We built web sites, shopping carts, produced web films, created new logos, new outlooks, edited a documentary and created interesting collateral pieces that now live online and off. We’re creating e-mail films and all kinds of other stuff. We’ve taught our clients the proper way to answer the phone, and to please sign your e-mail with a proper close. Many people don’t know how powerful the lock up of sincerely and your name can be. Many people don’t know how powerful the absence of sincerely and your name can be. We taught clients that the title of a subject line is not a message.
We’ve used everything given to us and we used it on behalf of our clients. They all seem to like it as we get more folks signing on. So, the next time you laugh at one of our dumb posts or one of our silly rants remember that there is a teeny method to our madness.
We apply as much intellect as we possibly can to every project large or small and we use every method we can to help our clients stay in the game and prosper. We like to talk to you about your methods for getting your brand out there.
We’ll be blogging a bunch more this coming year about strategies for you and for us. And we’ll continue on with the grand experiment of blowing up advertising and creating something better. We like to talk teeny agency.

teenyagency.com 410 881 0125 info@teenyagency.com Take a look at our site. Call us up. E-Mail us. Thanks.


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