Because Brian is a bit “special” we let him go just a little further out when he feels the need. Soon, we just won’t reel him in and the world will be a little bit lighter when he spins off. Actually, this is not a bad idea. He’s writing a book on the move and is making it up as he goes. The premise is just what he says it is. Guy loses family and makes up a new one out of stock photos and his own brain. Eventually he mixes in the fake family with real people. We don’t know what the hell will happen. It could be good for teeny agency. He certainly couldn’t hurt us anymore than he has. Our, financial partners (money guys- investors) think it’s creative but are already asking how this is a benefit to the company financially. They don’t know how to “work Facebook” so we can tell you that we have no idea either. Since the idiot (I mean Brian) writes in the third person so much we have been called on to tell you this is not him it’s us or me (Beth) on behalf of what we call teeny agency. Happy holidays.

Installment One

Unfortunately, everyone in my immediate family has expired. I also don’t know too many other family members, but don’t weep for me Argentina or whatever country this is, I have invented an entirely new family with no personality flaws. I’ll be posting about our heartwarming all American adventures routinely. Here is the first photo of my mom and dad who have no outward signs of mental illness. They are also very attractive and go to church but do tolerate prostitutes and indigents, but do look away when people in turbans walk by. Their names are Chip (short for Fenton) and Lindsey Ann (short for Lindsey Anne)

mom and dad

Installment Two

From tonight’s Christmas Eve dinner: From the left this is Aunt Bitsy talking about why she married Uncle Royce next Grandma Nana was completely grossed out and wanted to just talk about her first lynching and also how the Irish got what they deserved during the Potato Famine.

And, in the third photo Auntie Suisse’s boys right after she got power of attorney over Grandma Nana’s estate even though she won’t leave her beloved island of Nantucket and hasn’t seen Grandma Nana for over 20 years.

Aunt Bitsy grandma nana

Anyway, flush with some income it was “Nantucket Reds” for everyone. She sent Grandma Nana the pictures of the boys and some chocolate. She likes to send chocolate and sometimes sends it to her father who, unfortunately, died. So, in tonight’s chapter it’s hats off to Auntie Suisse and her boys.


aunt suisses boys

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