teeny agency presents the real story of the Internet

The first known reference to the Internet was credited to Light Street Optometry and Santa (Claus) In one of the first issues of Masters of Rock the future facing company lent its name to an article written by Santa and he in turn, graciously, shared the Light Street Optometry phone number of 410 837 5050 and in a, now historic post, Santa included the web address of http://www.lightstreetoptometry.com

The only person known to have seen this December 1965 post was a plucky college freshman by the name of Al Gore.

 In any event, many of you reading this post should be thanking Santa and Light Street Optometry (conveniently located at 1137 Light Street Baltimore, Maryland 21230. For your next appointment you can make it online at www.lightstreetoptometry.comor of course on the phone at 410 837 5050.  

  In a sad side note this holiday season we must note that Mr. Gore and Santa are working their way through the court system in an ugly battle over the world wide web/Internet and the North Pole.To you and yours from Light Street Optometry, masters of the Internet, for over 45 years, we wish you happy holidays.



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