All things Teeny Agency 2: Hi Teeny Agency is here.


Teeny Number 2

Hi, Teeny Agency has been born and or has been started depending on your point of view

Teeny agency is a Baltimore based advertising agency with a few big ideas. There are probably more than a few big ideas but Teeny Agency doesn’t like to brag.  

Teeny Agency staff has worked on and for some very large brands including AT&T, Crest, Fiat, Merck, Ashley Furniture, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ashley Furniture Home Stores, Super Cuts, Safeway, Car & Driver, GQ, National Geographic, Smithsonian, J.P. Morgan Chase, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, WVA Tourism, Bongo, Village Voice, Honda, Brother International, Johns Hopkins and the ubiquitous more.

 The name is not frivolous.   Many people have called for the blowing up of the traditional agency model but few have done much blowing up.  Teeny Agency has decided to do some blowing up by applying the big intellects that have moved large brands forward, to smaller advertisers.

Local and regional advertising is a mess.  Teeny Agency is tidying it up. Teeny Agency is sworn to make an investment in advertising and communication understandable and profitable and for the advertiser. Of course Teeny Agency, like most of our clients, is a for profit company but is happy with reasonable fees for wondrous work whether it be a suggestion for a font change or a complete 360 degree effort.

 We like pro bono too. Don’t be scared to call or write.

Teeny Agency has just taken on a brand change for a Baltimore business. The work, which will break momentarily, includes a renaming, web, social media, print, identity and all kinds of neat stuff. The really neat part is that Teeny Agency convinced the client to repaint, redo the interiors and rearrange the workspaces.  Teeny Agency thinking is that the new brand will help and older looking facilities will hinder. We are going to post the whole experience complete with before and after of everything. We can’t tell you who it is yet.

We don’t spend the client’s money and time without making sure it’s a well-founded investment that will return business to the client.

Look for Teeny Agency work on the soon to be wonderful Teeny Agency website.

Some work (radio) has been released on Teeny Agency Facebook Page, Pinterest, and Twitter etc. In the next few days more (radio, TV, web, web films, social media examples and the ubiquitous more, will be available on many other social media outlets as well.

Not monolithic. Responsive. Calls back. Does good work. Makes clients money. Everyone wants to make money. Don’t hide it.  It’s part of a Teeny Agency concept that’s starting to bubble happily.   

Our staff pictures done by a remarkable (remarkable is operative) will start arriving soon at a social media outlet near you. Call Teeny Agency at 410-881-0125 or write to us at



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