The Generation of an idea

Overheard in the main idea creation lab at Marcus Bailey Advertising  NY Office.

Copywriter: Cool, that’s a great idea. We can produce the idea that we got from an idea we saw on You Tube and put it up across all social media channels and have it go viral.
Art Director: Cool, I thought that in order to go viral it can’t really be planned. It just has to go viral on its own.
Copywriter: Cool. People will think that it’s viral because viral is like digital and no one really knows what it means and we will be telling them it’s viral on the viral microsites that somehow pop up all over inviting them to make their own viral video. Maybe they will buy the product, too.
Art Director: Cool, the product…we should make it digital, too, and maybe virtual.
Copywriter: Cool. That’s amazing; we make it a completely virtual idea and let everyone who sees it apply his or her own meaning. Maybe we go HD.
Art Director: Cool, HD is great. We can make the idea HD, digital, virtual, and viral. I don’t even think that we have to put it on “YouTube” because I don’t think “YouTube” is virtual, but they do have viral stuff that is virtual. Other people will put it on YouTube, so in essence we have put it on “YouTube” virtually.
Copywriter: Cool, we really are all about the purity of the concept. Viral is the most important as it has to play to the Millennials and Generation Y.
Art Director: Cool, I thought Generation Y is Millennial
Copywriter:  Cool, I’m not sure. Which one wears the T-shirts with old bands on them?
Art Director: Cool. The “Aging Boomers” wear the old shirts about being grateful to be dead, weird. I think the neurotic children of the “Aging Boomers” may be Generation X, who are bitter that they never made as much money as their parents who are the “Aging Boomers.” I think they play Words with Friends. You know, the Xers are the ones that discovered the word “parenting” and their kids are the Millennials.
Copywriter: Cool. Parenting…that was definitely a breakthrough, though. I don’t know how my parents could have raised us without that word. I mean, what would they have done? Are the ones who are against vaccinations Generation Y?
Art Director: Cool, so we pitch the idea about the idea from YouTube as the big virtual idea. Then we produce it. Let’s do it in L.A. I want to stay at Shutters.
Copywriter: Cool, that’s a great idea, Shutters. Then we edit in NY. I want to go to the Peninsula Spa.
Art Director: Cool, then we go viral.
Copywriter: Cool. Then we suggest breaking it slow, like maybe on Vimeo, then Reddit, 2Tag, and BeBo.
Art Director: Cool. That is so viral. It may be guerilla too.
Copywriter: Cool. That really is viral and totally guerilla. Then, we let it leak virally to Facebook, Twitter, and virtually to “YouTube” and maybe Tumblr and maybe Pinterest.
Art Director: Cool, Pinterest rocks; we’ll break the record for repins. I’ll go make up some boards. This is so brilliant. I smell awards and cool job titles. I think we’ve gone cross-generation too.
Copywriter: Cool. I think that it not only goes cross-generation; it goes cross-platform. Did someone say “adaptable to Instagram”?
Art Director: Cool. That goes without saying and it probably will go UX.
Copywriter: Cool, UX. Now how does it break?
Art Director: Cool, good question. Do the Boomers use the “Net?”
Copywriter: They are the people you find in FarmVille on Facebook or on School Feed, so yes, they are in play. 
Art Director: How about the Millennials or Generation Y?
Copywriter: Cool, I think Generation Y are the ones who fought in World War II and are also the greatest generation.
Art Director: Cool. Oh, so they are old and don’t matter.
Copywriter: Cool, absolutely right. Now, I think Millennials are always looking for the next hip thing while keeping an eye out for the “Aging Boomers” and “Generation Xers.” I think we will probably find the Millennials on Zing Me.
Art Director: Cool, good, that’s it. Zing Me. But what if the Millennials are going all retro and sneaking back to My Space? No one would find them there.
Copywriter: You’re right, Millennials are sneaky. We’ll go MySpace. If the Millennials are there, we will score and we’ll be heroes and, if not, no one will know.
Art Director: Cool. Who’s the client?
Copywriter: Uh, cool. I’m not sure. We should just make the client virtual, too. I’m sure something will fit.
Art Director: Cool, another great idea.
Copywriter: Cool.



another amazing oddity by brian h keller


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