What’s going on? Living in a Parallel Univerise. Does anyone here have some speed?

I’ve been all over the world, as a big shot and little shot too, shooting big TV commercials and teeny weenie commercials I’ve also helped  plan and execute multi faceted ad campaigns doing SMM, Radio, Print, Collateral, working on edits, sitting in studios and all kinds of other stuff where people use big words.

I’ve worked with some big shot celebrities etc. and  have had  very cool boondoggles with cool people. I have even made money doing this.   I’ve helped brand companies for giant ad agencies and little teeny weenie agencies too.

I’ve also been in places that have big legal departments and at one time I had 3 lawyers that advised me. I needed three as I’m not too smart.   It has all been  fun. So, you probably wonder what am I up to now in my giant career. I have a  backpack and am going to the library and getting ready for finals. It’s the end of my first  semester in law school.   So, basically I’m living in some kind of parallel universe like the Flash. I already took  finals in  college and grad school. No, it’s not that dumb dream where you haven’t studied and have a final. I really have a final(s) and there you go.   My kid is 12 I ‘m also doing 7th grade homework  again.

Tonight I’m going to Chipoltle and then  try to get a bum to buy me beer before I go to the mixer.


Thank you for reading: Another Amazing Oddity by Brian H. Keller


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