More really bad sentences. It’s the same old story from Brian.

I was sitting around doing not much of nothing. Is that sentence okay? While I was doing nothing I decided to turn on the local news to not pay attention to. Is that a good  sentence? They hate my writing in school. Law school teachers don’t have my zany sense of humor. I may become a zany lawyer like Groucho. For all my classmates and young people: Groucho was funny to old people who were young people at one time and he gets quoted a lot. Was that a good sentence?  Well, I was watching the local news, avoiding writing my open memo, OMG, which is going to suck, when I saw something on the local news. Was that a good sentence? What I saw was a story about how the Baltimore Ravens are helping the families of G.I’s in Afghanistan and other places we are fighting stay in touch with “their G.I’s” via video etc. They had live streaming “chat’ with soldiers and family. Was that a good sentence?  “Anywhooo”,  I watched an older woman talk to her son and cry, then I watched a daughter talking to her father about him missing graduation and her  senior year I watched a little boy ask his dad when he was coming home.  The news caster asked why they were crying and they looked at him. Then I remembered that as long as I’ve been alive I’ve seen stories like this on the local news all over the country and not local news too. I’ve lived in Maryland, New York, Texas, California, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Washington D.C. and I think some other places I can’t remember. In every place I’ve ever lived and in every year I’ve ever lived they’ve done stories liked this with crying moms and crying daughters and little boys who are the sons of someone not there. Is that a good sentence? I don’t know why don’t you ask the families and the kids who have been sentenced? I would guess that it’s not a good sentence to most of these folks.  So, why does the same sentence keep getting written? My son is twelve.  I’m glad I’m old I just write bad sentences I don’t serve them.


2 thoughts on “More really bad sentences. It’s the same old story from Brian.

  1. Two of the places you lived that you can’t remember are SPAIN ad HOLLAND. The only perfect sentence in this essay is: “My son is twelve.”

    Those belly-aching parents should have thought ahead and not let their kids go off to war. Canada is just north of us.

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