I love law school and how a kid lost his dad in the dad’s own house.

I  love law school

Law school is costing me lots of dough but it paid its first benefit last night. My thug like son, who lost his own father in his own father’s house this morning, is now prevented, legally, from listening to any radio station that his father (I or me) don’t feel like listening to and I can listen to whatever I want.

The other night he asked if I would get up and go scoop him ice cream and bring it to him and for that he promised to let me listen to any radio station I want “FOREVER.” I  got up, scooped him ice cream and brought it to him. The poor little weasel was only hours away from devastation. Please read below

§ 50 Acceptance of Offer Defined; Acceptance by Performance; Acceptance by Promise(1)  Acceptance of an offer is a manifestation of assent to the terms thereof made by the offeree in a manner invited or required by the offer.

In a Unilateral contract a promise (you can listen to any radio station you want) exchanged for performance of Offeree (Me, I scooped the ice cream and brought to that kid) accepts by giving the [completed] desired performance

Whichever offeror wants [“offeror -My son (and not anymore he ain’t) is master of the offer”]  Well this little offeror ain’t listening to no more Drake and Kesha is now dead to me.  At this point I’m listening to Cher 24/7 and all the versions of The Jefferson Airplane right up to the Jefferson Starship.

I also just bought my 85 year old Mother’s house for a dollar. She’ll be out this afternoon. .

My new tag for myself is:  “If you have absolutely no morals, you have a law student. You will need money.”

My son is 12 this morning he lost me. Luckily, I found myself or I wouldn’t be here. I was sleeping after a lovely night of studying, cleaning up cat vomit and eliminating the strange odors that creep off 12 year old boys. I use bleach and Lysol it’s good and it softens the kid’s skin, I think. I woke up when I heard my kid clomping around the house turning over stuff. I went into the hall and saw him and he jumped as I shocked him. He was almost crying. I said “Yo, what’s up? He said: “Daddy, where were you? I said: “Here in my bedroom with the cat on my face as usual.” He said: No, you weren’t I couldn’t find you and I looked all over the hours plus outside and I was just going out again to find you.” I said: Did you look in my room or call for me?” He said “No.” I said: Well that was probably a good idea as you probably wouldn’t have found me anyway, there was a cat on my face. And it was a good idea not to call out either because if I wasn’t in my room I wouldn’t have heard you and might have disturbed our cat while she was throwing up on my bed.” He said : “That’s exactly what I thought.“ I said: “Good job. I think I’ll listen to some STYXX, I’m glad I found me.”

I started law school a number of weeks ago. I wondered what it would be like to be in school with a whole bunch of people who would be much younger than me. On the first day one of the professors asked our class to, individually, stand up and say something about “ourselves”. The kid in front of me stood up gave his name, his school and told something about himself. As he spoke I recognized him and his name.  It was my turn and I said: “See that kid who just spoke? “I’m older than his Mom. “That’s what it’s like to go to school with people much younger. I’m older than their Moms. Our Professor mentioned Nixon the other day. One of the kids said to another: “ Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City, I think she’s a Lesbian.” That’s what it’s like to go to school with people much younger. Nixon has become a red head and a Lesbian.

I take a course that teaches legal writing and research. All the professors say: You’re writing has to be concise, razor sharp and to the point. I think that’s a good idea so in keeping with that I wrote as “part of a brief” “ A guy and his pal were robbing a car wash. While escaping with some of that shiny stuff for you tires one guy shot another guy. It was Murderrrrrrr, they both should fry. They said “NO! It wasn’t Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It was Felony Murderrrrrrrrrrr and this is how you explain it in a nutshell.

(Brian’s note and advice)You don’t have to read all this stuff below but if you are ever holding up a car wash don’t have anyone you’re with kill someone and if one of you has to kill some one read below and kill someone during your commission of a felony in a cool jurisdiction.

In legal talk and stuff it would be: A Rule of Law that holds that if a killing occurs during the commission or attempted commission of a felony (a major crime), the person or persons responsible for the felony can be charged with murder.

Generally an intent to kill is not necessary for felony-murder. The rule becomes operative when there is a killing during or a death soon after the felony, and there is some causal connection between the felony and the killing.

The felony-murder rule originated in England under the Common Law. Initially it was strictly applied, encompassing any death that occurred during the course of a felony, regardless of who caused it. Therefore, if a police officer attempting to stop a Robbery accidentally shot and killed an innocent passerby, the robber could be charged with murder.

Today most jurisdictions have limited the rule by requiring that the felony must be a dangerous one or that the killing is foreseeable, or both. Statutes that restrict the application of the rule to dangerous felonies usually enumerate the crimes. Burglary, Kidnapping, rape, and robbery are typical felonies that invoke the rule. Under a number of statutes, the felony must be a proximate cause of the death. In other words, the killing must have been a natural and direct consequence of the felony.

Felony-murder cannot be charged if all the elements of the felony are included in the elements of murder. This is known as the merger doctrine, which holds that if the underlying felony merges with the killing, the felony cannot constitute felony-murder. For example, all of the elements of Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon are included in murder. If a killing, therefore, occurred during the course of this crime, the accused would be charged with murder.

The future of the felony-murder rule is in doubt. Some jurisdictions have abolished the rule and others continue to limit its application. In the 1982 case of Enmund v. Florida, 458 U.S. 782, 102 S. Ct. 3368, 73 L. Ed. 2d 1140, the Supreme Court ruled that the imposition of the death penalty upon an Accomplice who neither kills, attempts to kill, or intends that a killing occur or lethal force be used in the commission of a felony-murder constitute Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

In those states that have retained the offense, it is usually classified as murder in the first degree, for which the penalty might be death or imprisonment.

See how short that is that’s’ how you do it. And that’s law school and stuff so far.


4 thoughts on “I love law school and how a kid lost his dad in the dad’s own house.

  1. I didn’t know you like Cher! I love her, except for her face now, but I love her music and her voice. Too bad about Sonny. Anyway, I love hearing about all this stuff and hope you actually do become a lawyer because there are many people I would like to sue. As for that boy you live with, he should not be eating ice cream at night it will rot his teeth while he sleeps, if he has any teeth left.
    Interesting note: My cat also sleeps on my face, I guess that’s why we’re cousins! (Sorta like Hayley Mills or was it Patty Duke?)

    1. tonight is friday, bailey had popcorn,kit kat, cold stone for dinner and then desert or dessert one of them

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