Brian H Keller Writer

Hi to all my ten of  fans here is my shortest blog. I have a new person working with me. She probably bosses me around. Her name is Victoria Burton Hathaway. She is an SMM queen (that’s nothing dirty) and speaks French and takes pictures of food. How’s that.

Since she he has three names I decided to rename myself. So there Victoria. I am now Brian H. Keller and my website is from now on. So there.

Actually most of this is true like French speaking which kills me as I once said “The only time the French talk to us is when they want us to save them from the Germans. ” She likes Hermes Scarves. I don’t so I am now Brian H. Keller of

Guess what my new email will be in  a few hours. That’s right guess what Victoria’s will be. Yes,

write to her in America or even English not French. Bye. More on soon. plus we will have new stuff soon.





4 thoughts on “Brian H Keller Writer

  1. I just hope you are not going to start charging people to read your blog now that you have to meet a payroll. I wrote you a check once and it bounced. I can bounce it back if you still need it.

    1. don’t worry i didn’t cash it. i was afraid it would bounce. would you write it for a larger amount as i would want more money to not have if you are reading my work. thanks i know/knew you would understand.

  2. Bon Soir, mon chèr ami Brian. I am Très happy about your new site avec your middle initial H. H is my most favorite letter; it stands for Hermés! And for Hathaway, bien sûr.

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