E-Card Mania – All Cute and Stuff Digitally Speaking. Here’s an E-Card for all of you

and an e card for the thousand of my readers. millions if you count china
here's an ecard from the app i invented. bad design for all

I get lots of holiday cards because of my international blog celebrity status and close relationship with a number of stars like Danny Bonaduce, Marilu Henner, Greg Evigan, who I think had a monkey named bear, and a host of others who will be coming to my holiday party which will feature music by Kid N Play and maybe Duran Duran. I tried to get Men at Work but could only get Men Without Hats. I hope you can make it we will have pimento loaf. I have that guy Simon who was on American Idol , and gave it  up, pegged for next year.

I like my cards people send they are E-Cards. E-Cards can sing and dance and have bar codes that you can aim your smart phone at.  Everyone needs a smart phone because now the new Windows phone lets you do stuff faster so you can get back to your kid’s soccer game or you wedding faster. I used to just turn mine off when I went to Little League or got married. So, when you do that you can take a really wild trip on the “Net” and see very important messages from E-Card sponsors. It’s so cool. You’ve never really had a good time until you spent a few hours on the Old Spice page.  I really and, I mean this, think that this is what Aldous Huxley had in mind with that whole doorways of perception thing. So if you’re still doing Acid stop now and get smart a  phone an E-Card a computer, a bar code reader app, a router, various E-Mail accounts, LinkedIn, Four Square, My Space, Radio.com, Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, My Space an I-Pad and apps that will help you get and send your E-Cards where ever you are. You can get Christian E-Card – it’s too bad Jesus didn’t live to see this. Ecards deluxe, e card builder free, ecardpro lite. Ecardpro lite is for pro ecarders so be careful before you step up to ecard heavy. You can also get americangreetings.com ecards, birthday e cards and Christmas ecards. I would like to see  Eminem ecards and Chris Brown ecards where you can send a beat down to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex wife, ex husband, ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend  and others of that ilk. The e-cards I have are just I-phone ecard apps. Can you imagine what Windows phones have – doorways of perception there you go.

I have a card that I wrote. It’s not very good. It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t have a bar code. It doesn’t have anything that sings or dances. It just sits there. If you look at it, though, it will take you back to a simpler time like maybe 2004 when Facebook launched and didn’t even have Farmville and realtors helping  with short sales. That was America at it’s best quaint and without Farmville just a bunch of naked drunk college kids on Facebook who would soon lose out to old people, reunions, Farmville, and Mafia Wars, and take my quiz and requests and links to send E-Cards and receive E-Cards.

I’ve attached my E-Card above. Since we are not quaint anymore I had to take precautions. Now when I attach it I will have sent an E-Card.


One thought on “E-Card Mania – All Cute and Stuff Digitally Speaking. Here’s an E-Card for all of you

  1. I loved this whole post but I totally cracked up at the line: “it’s too bad Jesus didn’t live to see this.”

    You are so funny almost as funny as me! You almost make the rest of my terrible family worth it. xxxxx C.A.

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