This is a blog?

Misguided people have been looking for my blog. People say they read my stuff. Between that comment and all the tattoos in Hershey Park on real unattractive people and the explosion of the Internet where people read stuff by idiots like me, because there is nothing else to do, i don’t hold much hope for our country or actually any country. But the idea that Snookie broke up with Emilio and Sammi Sweetheart couldn’t figure out who wrote the note  gives me hope.

I didn’t want to do one yet (a blog that is) so I did a Facebook update which this is. Facebook said I had too many characters. So did Damon Runyon but it worked out for him.So what’s too many characters Facebook I bet  Elmore Leonard  and Luke Skywalker’s family would have something to say about your too many character stance. I know lots of characters too. Some I’ve had adventures with.  So soon I will have a new blog. Which is now I guess.  I think this is it. I have taken the month of august off like the French. it worked, I’m broke and have no skills but I blame America and i worship Goddard. Have you ever sat through a Goddard movie. If you have and you haven’t killed yourself someone should kill you.  it’s cool being French for a month. this may actually be a blog, thanks to Facebook,  so I’ll put this crap on my blog so it will qualify as a blog and not be just some ramblings by a French guy. And I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (should there be punctuation here? If I was a Crip I’d just shoot somone for asking)  the only time the French talk to us is when they want us to save them from the Germans. This qualifies as a blog so I’ll blog it. some people tell me they read my stuff. I think there is more wrong with them than there is with me. thanks this is my blog. I love the French (especially their salad dressing and jerry Lewis) and am now officially back from my French vacation. after September starts I will capitalize properly  again. I’ve done a week of law school if you want me to sue someone for you I can do three days worth and give you a deep discount. take that law offices of Ronnie Deutch. I think I’m done. But wait there’s more. My friend Victoria, who describes food and makes me not want to eat, will respond to this in french. please don’t respond in french. please don’t describe food. it’s just food. just say i had dinner last night it was good you should go to this restaurant the food is good. Food describers and food pairer talk abouters should probably be shot except for Victoria she’s really nice and probably is just insane.

Even for me this blog is incoherent and I don’t even get high. Or, at least i don’t think i do.


3 thoughts on “This is a blog?

  1. I am so glad you are back I havent laughed since your last blog which I think this is one of. The French make very nice fries, let’s be honest. Xxx

  2. Mon dieu, c’est tres amusante. Mais le blog est tres Francais, nest-ce pas? Les idees, les blagues, le commentaire individualiste. C’est difficile to write in French. My spell-check ne likes pas. Andrea is right about les frites (so crisp & savory) and let’s face it, they are the culture that invented tennis, our legal system, fashion, perfume, silk scarves, champagne (like drinking the stars!) foie gras (mmm…seared and salty or chilled and spread on toasted brioche) les huitres (silky, plump, briny) Grand Marnier souffles (crusty, creamy, aromatic and eggy) and most of the other stuff that makes life worth living. Which I will resist describing here. And which has rien to do with food… Like taking off the month of August. Which is not even really a good hair month in the mid-Atlantic. Just saying. Call me crazy. Oh, wait, you already did.

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