very very cool and not real funny but neat if you’re the dad it happened to.

So I have nothing absurd to say. That is really kind of absurd especially if you know me.

I was taking a walk with my boy (he’s 11 years old) down an old country road ( is that a Bruce Hornsby reference?) and we were talking about picking a topic to talk about. We were about to talk about a  topic we should talk about and we had just decided to talk about the topic of   what to do during a Zombie Apocalypse. I think that since we are on the precipice of a Zombie Apocalypse it was a wise topic to pick.

Suddenly a shot rang out. A shot really didn’t ring out but I’ve always wanted to write that. But, suddenly a car screeched to a halt, it really did screech and halt. A guy jumped out of the car and said hello to me. I recognized him as a really nice guy whom I hadn’t seen for years. I  said “Hey”  and introduced him to my son. He said hello shook my son’s hand and said “I’ve known your Dad for years I used to come and watch him play ball when I lived in Florida. Your Dad was a great ballplayer.” My little boy has not stopped smiling since. Now, I was an average player at best. But to  my boy  I’m A-Rod, LeBron, Peyton and Posh Spice’s husband all rolled up in one and that’s totally cool. I’m not misguided I’m sure he’ll go back to thinking I’m an idiot in the next few days, but I’ll spend that time getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse and looking for my old uniform. I found the baseball glove my Dad gave to me  (MacGregor Kangaroo Leather infielders glove with thumb protector) I used my first year of school. It has a million stories in it. I’ll give it to my boy. Maybe he’ll have an adventure with it. Very neat.


2 thoughts on “very very cool and not real funny but neat if you’re the dad it happened to.

  1. I love this. Cool stuff really does happen when you least expect it. A great reason to get out of bed every morning. And how great that you still have your glove to pass down. Some heirlooms really do have magic in them.

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