Here are some things

Hi here are some things:

If you work in advertising or want to here are some things to look for.

1. If  you hear the word wordsmith from a client you should run away.

2. If you hear the words “You guys are the creative ones I’ll just show it around to my team…” Run away

3. If you hear “My Nephew knows Photo Shop he could do that in an hour.”  Run away

4. If you hear ” How much does a commercial cost and what station does it run on?” Run away

5. If you hear the terms EOB, EOD, End of the day (it’s different than EOD), ROI from one person in two sentences you should run away.

Here are other things.

1. I think President Obama should do something about KE$ha.

2. I think that whenever you lose two members or more of your group you are not your group. I think that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend should probably read this.

3. Fat guys should not have anything tattooed on their calves. Girls with large breasts should probably not have a tattoo at the beginning or end of the breast (depending on your definition of beginning and end of the breast) I’m talking about the top part that you can’t stop staring at  because there is a tattoo there and it’s hard not to stare as you can’t believe someone put a tattoo there because no matter how attractive that girl/woman is (and they are usually not) a tattoo there is not attractive. This goes double for the Rolling Stones “Lips” The ZZ top lightning bolt and anything with a heart and arrow. Unfortunately it seems that tattoo rules seem to preclude any other breast tattoo themes.  I would suggest maybe the Brooks Brother logo if you really have to have a breast tattoo.

4. No one should have a sun tattooed on their calf.

5. If you have something tattooed on the small of your back you should make sure not to age.

6. Lady GaGa and Ke$ha should fight to the death on pay per view

7. I like the Black Eyed Peas. I think Fergie does too. After she left the group and Will. I. Am she became a fat solo act who spent  time urinating on herself. Now she’s a very attractive  “Pea” again and is doing fancy commercials and making millions of dollars and can afford a bathroom.

8. I think that the next Super Bowl halftime show should have performers who have been born after 1970 (preferably 1980). Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey should read this. Probably a lot of other people too.

9. I would think that this highly incendiary blog will produce comments from many people who have either nothing to do or have serious personal problems. The very fact that this has been written, in the first place, probably shows that we have no lack of either.

10. You should go to and go buy something.  That has nothing to do with anything.

11. Everyone who works in an Office should realize that the Office is more documentary than anything else.


5 thoughts on “Here are some things

  1. You seem to be finding your groove; oh that world view.

    “Other Things” love #2 & 8. As today I’m in the former category of #9, I am heading out now in search of a tat artist who can render the BB logo. It might suit me.

  2. I love #6–it’s a great idea ahead of its time. Also love #4, and you state it with such conviction, who would ever do otherwise? But I think you should leave Pete and Roger alone, they have enough problems…remember those 11 dead people from The Who concert? I bet they do too.

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