I have comments

I have 6 comments so far.

This wordpress thing is not very democratic though. All I wanted was one  comment. I got six and  now wordpress is asking me to approve or disapprove the comments. I think that this is way too much power to give to one person and especially one who could be slightly addled.

What if our government (that would be the U.S. as I think I live in the U.S)  could approve or not approve of our comments. There would be no comments. If you were our government would you want someone commenting on you.  So, I’ve decided to become a benevolent despot or an enlightened absolutist and approve all the comments. I would think that  my stance on this issue  is great for bloggers and people who comment on blogs and blog critics and blog pundits and blog lobbyists (I’m sure there are some of those) and people want to blog but are afraid of people who may comment on their blog and leave them the situation I’m in.

I am somewhat conflicted though because if I am a benevolent despot I may be undermining the very democracy in which which we live. I think you should leave a comment and I’ll comment on your comment – wordpress lets you do that – before  I decide to approve it or not. I think then would could comment and  save democracy.

If any of you understand any of this or know how to get this to Stephen Hawking to figure out please let me know.

Again this is too much power for one person to have.


One thought on “I have comments

  1. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Did you know the rest of that one, lol? “Great men are almost always bad men.” Wield your new powers carefully please.

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