I have twitter

Today is my most busiest day ever as a guy who has blog. 36 people have already looked at my blog today and it’s only 9:10 AM. This is really cool. At this rate I may crack the coveted 40 barrier and then 100 is only 60 people away. I would assume that by now James Cameron has been alerted and I’m sure I’m not too far away from a movie like Julie and Julia.I would think that it will have space aliens and be in 3d. That is cool.

So right now to drive traffic I will tweet. Then I will link this post (post is blog talk for something you’ve written and then publish) to what we 21st century “hipsters” call the net, I think. I will link to Dig, Yahoo, ryze, you tube, wink, vox, faceren, YuMe, net vibes, neopets, Chinay.com, listible, talent zoo, orkut, myspace.com PartFlock, tweakers, Ebo, Rateitall, upcoming, Slashdot and other outlets. Perhaps it will go to outlet malls reduced by a few words  and that would be good.

Then maybe I will get a comment. My question is if people read this and are part of the outlets I have mentioned (there are many more) how do they/you have time to work on getting 6 pack abs that Men’s Health and Women’s Health make so easy. I just don’t understand.

Now I have to go think of a Twitter tweet and do an RSS feed and then figure out my ROI. I think my ROI (my return on my investment) will be good as I have invested nothing as you can see. Then I will collect the raw data and then I will look at it and see how I can get more exposure with my pants on.

When you finish all of this and you have killer abs and are getting ready for great sex tonight (for that I would again suggest Women’s Health and Men’s Health – they are like Bibles but with better pictures and better nutrition advice) please read my tweet on Twitter. I will think of one soon. Then I will tweet. I hope I get a comment.


3 thoughts on “I have twitter

  1. love the line about more exposure with your pants on. you crack me up! (always have.) xxxxx
    cousin andrea

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